harvest INTERNATIONAL® wickelfolie – stretch wrap

The trend in grass harvesting is increasingly shifting towards wrapping square and round bales. A high-quality agricultural stretch wrap is not only easy to handle but it protects the feed’s quality as well.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® wickelfolie - tried and tested premium quality.

  • 7 layers blow film
  • guaranteed runnage
  • excellent tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • allows for a high pre-stretching ratio of up to 80 % (up to 70 % recommended)
  • extraordinary adhesion and perfectly sealed bales
  • perfectly suited for wrapping round and square bales on all popular bale wrappers
  • UV-resistant: 12 months (Northern and Central Europe)
  • excellent adhesiveness
  • best colouring and opacity of the film
  • suitable for all popular bale wrappers
  • efficient plastic core

Available in:

  white light green dark green black
750 mm x 1500 m okay okay okay okay
500 mm x 1800 m okay okay okay