harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage protection

We offer a reliable assortment for optimum protection of silage and silage bales.
Protection nets weighed down with silage gravel bags protect the silage against damages caused by wild animals or other external forces.
Side wall sheets and silo varnish maintain the walls of bunker silos and seal the floor sections.
For small repairs, we recommend using adhesive film tape; for protecting straw stacks, we recommend using a robust protection fleece.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage protection - tried and tested premium quality.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutzgitter – silage protection net

  • 220 g/m²
  • green
  • 7 years UV stable (North and Central Europe)
  • contains handles for easy handling
  • carefully seamed at the edges
  • label of size sewn into all 4 corners

protects the forage

from damages caused by crows and other birds, game and livestock, storm and hail

keeps the film from

fluttering or „pumping up“


the protection of the silage’s quality and the silo’s visual appearance

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silosack - silage gravel bags

  • tie cord is woven into the fabric
  • handles are incorporated into the fabric
  • sturdy selvedge
  • solid, high quality monofilament fabric
  • 7 years UV stable (North and Central Europe)

For optimum filling use gravel instead of sand!

  • gravel does not absorb water
  • stays ductile, durable and flexible
  • gravel does not congeal at low temperatures and will not be washed away by rain
  • easy to handle if filled loosely (2/3)
  • adapts very well to the silo’s uneven surface
  • fill with grit (grain size 0/8) without sand, do not use stone chips

width / length

  90 cm 120 cm
27 cm okay okay

harvest INTERNATIONAL® seitenwandfolie - side wall sheets

  • prevents oxygen and moisture from getting in between the wall and silage
  • protects the wall from silage acids
  • no dead-time - can be used at short notice, whatever the weather is like
  • perfectly hygienic
  • easy to dispose of
  3 m 4 m 5 m 6 m
50 m okay okay okay okay
100 m okay      
300 m okay okay okay okay

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silolack - silo varnish

  • contains high vacuum bitumen (HVB)
  • ring and ball softening point: 100 °C
  • the solvent is purified and phenol-free
  • no contamination of the forage with coating residues (as it will not stick to the varnish)
  • provides a non-sticky surface
  • resistant to forage acids
  • food-safe, therefore suitable for drinking water reservoirs
  • consumption: approx. 1 litre per 5 m² for two coatings
  • apply evenly using paint brush/roller (drying time approx. 1 hour); use white spirit for cleaning, surface must be dry and clean
  • mix varnish with white spirit or universal thinner if you‘re using airless sprayers
  • spray test area to determine the right mixture resp. the nozzles and pressure required

available as 200 litre barrel or 30 litre bucket

harvest INTERNATIONAL® folienklebeband - adhesive film tape

Adhesive film tape for repairing damages to silage bales or silage film

available in:

  • white
  • light green
  • black

harvest INTERNATIONAL® vlies - protective fleece

for straw bales, potatoes, sugar beets, compost

  • high stability under mechanical strain
  • withstands high wind loads
  • UV resistant
  • protects against contamination or defilement (like bird droppings)
  • installation instructions included

In-stock product

length / width

  10,4 m 13,0 m 15,6 m
12,5 m okay - -
25,0 m okay okay okay


Delivered individually wrapped in transparent bags and on EUR-pallets, excellent storability and transportability.