harvest INTERNATIONAL® rundballennetz – net wrap

Compressing round bales requires a reliable product. The net wrap should not only run smoothly on the round baler but also keep the bale together in the long run.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® rundballennetz - tried and tested premium quality.

  • high-quality net wrap suitable for all popular round balers
  • available in all popular widths and lengths
  • guaranteed runnage
 guaranteed runnageminimum weight
harvest INTERNATIONAL® 2000 2000 m 22.5 kg
harvest INTERNATIONAL® 3000 3000 m 32.0 kg
harvest INTERNATIONAL® EXTRA 3000 3000 m 33.5 kg

harvest INTERNATIONAL® EXTRA 3000 round bale net offers a guaranteed runnage of 3000 m and is suitable for all common presses with a 130 cm net mounting.